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Skull Snail Charity Sticker

Skull Snail Charity Sticker

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One 2.5”/3” vinyl sticker that is water and weather - proof! And the best thing…75% of each sticker goes towards the Charity of your choice !! (From the drop down) 

Charities include:

  • Palestine Red Crescent Society

The National Society’s mission is to provide humanitarian assistance as well as health and social services to Palestinians whenever and wherever needed. It works towards preventing and allaying human suffering, protecting life and health, ensuring the respect of human dignity, preventing disease, and promoting health, social care and volunteering both in times of peace and war as well as during emergencies, crises and disasters. 


  • UNWRA (Freedom Palestine Bear Sticker)

UNRWA USA lifts up the voices, experiences, and humanity of Palestine refugees to secure American support for resources essential to every human being, for the promise of a better life. 


  • Reproductive Freedom For All (My Body, My Rights Sticker)

Our mission is to support, as a fundamental right and value, a person's freedom to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices. 


  • Best Friends Save Them All

A leader in the no-kill movement, Best Friends runs the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals, as well as lifesaving programs in collaboration with a nationwide network of members and partners working to Save Them All. 


  • Action Against Hunger

We fight hunger by focusing on the approach that saves the most lives: treating severely malnourished children and preventing children from becoming malnourished in the first place. 


  • True Colors Inc.

True Colors United implements innovative solutions to youth homelessness by focusing on the experiences of those most impacted —LGBTQ+ and BIPOC youth. 


Price Breakdown

13% - cost of each sticker

12% - profit towards more designs

75% - donated to selected Charity

$3.75 total! 

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